Saspearian Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence

Saspearian Congress October, 20 2017

"Us the people of Saspearian. Believe everyone shall have equal rights, They [sic] have rights to live, and theyre [sic] rights to have freedom. Everyone in this nation shall respect others and live there to the limit. Us the people of Saspearian is allowed to collaborate, show free thoughts and ideas. We should always welcome our neighbors. Even if our nation is through rough times. This nation is destined for greatness. We can surely predict the future of Saspearian. Everyone here in this nation  will have their own rights for freedom and unity."

Signatories (7 delegates to the Saspearian Congress)

  • Anthony G. (Author)
  • Bryce Van Houten (signer)
  • Leo Vargas (signer)
  • Jackson W.  (signer) (presumed name)
  • Sebastian Henao (signer)
  • Emaad Karim (signer)
  • Rishi Srinivassan (signer)